The Best User Generated Content Tips for Amazon Sellers

by | Oct 12, 2022

User generated content may sound like a fancy term, but it’s actually the most straightforward and authentic form of content in 2022. No matter where you look, it seems as though everyone online is an influencer. While brands race to buy up the next best influencer, there is a giant marketing hack that e-commerce brand builders can leverage to save time and money and skyrocket brand trust. We’re talking about user-generated content. UGC has exploded to the forefront of e-commerce, proving the most authentic and trusted type of content available today. 


In a world where brands strive to outdo each other, sifting through mass amounts of content to decide who is genuine is challenging. The more we flood customers with content, the less they listen. That’s why more brands turn to user-generated content to become more authentic and transparent. In this article, you’ll learn how to leverage user-generated content to outsell your competition when selling on the world’s most competitive e-commerce platform. Let’s dive in.

Why is user-generated content so beneficial?


As an Amazon seller, getting caught up in improving your bottom line by revamping your marketing is such an easy road to follow. So easy that you can quickly forget you’re selling to actual people. Content marketing has changed in 2022, and by adapting to current marketing trends, you can massively impact your e-commerce footprint.


Today, customers want to feel an emotional connection and be part of a two-way conversation with brands. They don’t want brands shoving content down their throats that lacks value and drives promotion. Since old-school marketing was focused so heavily on branded content, there’s an opportunity for you, an Amazon seller in 2022, to take more market share just by leveraging the right type of content.


What is User Generated Content?


User-generated content is a blanket term for any original, brand-specific content created by customers and other brand fans published on social media, e-commerce platforms, and other channels. UGC includes images, videos, testimonials, reviews, unboxing videos, product demos, and podcasts. This content is not created by a professional marketer but by ordinary people. User-generated content can come from customers, brand loyalists, and even employees. It’s the most genuine form of marketing we have seen.


user generated content for Amazon sellers

Why is user-generated content important when creating an Amazon marketing strategy?


User-generated content is marketing built by the people, for the people. It’s not that new of a phenomenon, but it resurfaced in recent years due to the explosion of influencer marketing in the creator economy. As mentioned earlier, customers grow tired of analyzing which influencer is most authentic and which products are equally that amazing. UGC resurfaced in an effort to tell more authentic brand stories leveraging everyday people. Because content creation has become so widespread, creators, big and small, with next to no online presence in some cases, began selling UGC to help brands build back customer loyalty and trust. The added bonus is that UGC creators make a significant side hustle income by leveraging this high-demand type of content.


The beauty of user-generated content is that other buyers get to hear from actual people who’ve bought from your brand rather than aggressively marketing to an audience who wants to connect. UGC amplifies the good things customers say about your Amazon FBA business to help increase brand awareness instead of an over-the-top promotion.


UGC is also an effective form of customer engagement since it’s a two-way street. As a brand, you connect with fans organically, showing off your products and services, and the creators, in turn, get noticed by fans, growing their own brand in the process. UGC has redefined how brands and customers engage outside the confines of websites, billboards, and TV advertisements. 


Your Amazon marketing strategy should go beyond customizing your Amazon product listing for SEO or spending money on PPC advertising. It’s about time you considered leveraging the power of user-generated content to drive your bottom line. Why?


  • User-generated content puts customers in the driver’s seat. In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans can be snapped away quickly. If your Amazon FBA business isn’t catering solely to its customers, your customers will find another brand that will. Customers have become increasingly savvy and can differentiate between authentic and transparent marketing from slimy marketing tactics.
  • The average Joe is no longer impressed by pushy marketing tactics. They crave stories, connection, and interaction with other human beings. Your customers are more likely to buy from you if other customers say good things about your products and brand.
  • Today’s customers are no longer passive parties led by commercials and billboards. They dictate their own fate and want a say in who they buy from. They often choose brands that share the same values and, more so, that connect with them on a human level.
  • A cost-effective way of advertising. Why spend thousands of dollars on Amazon PPC advertising when users can create Amazon marketing content on your behalf? The beauty of relying on UGC is that the users run the show, which means not having to empty your pockets and create marketing campaigns that may or may not convert. 


How can you leverage UGC to stay ahead of your competition on Amazon? 


UGC for Amazon FBA businesses


The best-guarded secret regarding Amazon FBA’s selling success is the platform’s deep and powerful inventory of product reviews and ratings that influence visits, conversions, and SEO. User-generated content helps build trust and confidence in Amazon more than any brand-generated content that uses aggressive old-school marketing tactics. Stay ahead of your Amazon competition and increase sales with UGC. Here’s how:

  • Optimize your product images using user-generated content: Images are at the center of Amazon product listing optimization. The best way to get through to your customers is by including relatable images in your Amazon listing. Since Amazon lets you upload up to nine photos, you can include UGC in your infographics and lifestyle images. Hire a UGC creator to demonstrate your product in a well-orchestrated series of step-by-step images. You’ll be surprised by the reaction of customers when they see a real person using products they are looking to purchase.
  • Include user-generated videos in your listing: Most brands make the mistake of relying only on images to drive conversions. But here’s the thing. Video content is still king in 2022. Since Amazon allows you to add images and videos to your product listing, you should leverage both. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars creating promotional videos, upload a few user-generated videos and maybe one or two professional promotional videos. User-generated videos can include unboxing videos, testimonials from micro-influencers, and product demos from past customers or brand loyalists.
  • Encourage customers to post reviews: Customer reviews can include videos and pictures. If your customers post usher-generated testimonials across social channels and in the form of video content, that’s like hitting the content marketing jackpot in 2022. UGC testimonials in the form of images and videos go a long way to help authentically promote your brand and increase conversion organically.
  • User-generated content in Amazon posts: Amazon posts appear similar to Instagram posts on Amazon product pages, category feeds, brand feeds, and related product feeds. Amazon posts are still wildly under utilized by sellers across the board. Leverage user-generated content in your Amazon posts with lifestyle images to stand out from your competition. Amazon Posts User Generated Content
  • Use user-generated content to answer common customer questions: There is a section on your Amazon product listing page where you can answer customer questions. If you want to stand out from your competitors, look for customer-generated videos that help answer some of these questions. It’s refreshing for customers to see their questions addressed by real people, and it’s much more engaging. 
  • Use user-generated content in Amazon ads: While organic traffic can take you far, you’ll need to pay for Amazon advertising at some point. Whatever content you use in your ads will dictate the end result. Advertising has changed, and customers no longer want brands aggressively pushing products. Customers want authentic content that demonstrates that people trust the brand. UGC videos can increase conversion and inspire audiences to feel emotionally connected to your e-commerce brand.
  • Optimize your A+ content to include user-generated content: A+ content is available to sellers registered with Brand Registry. A+ content allows brand owners to tell their brand story through enhanced video content and images to improve the user experience, drive high conversions, and increase traffic. Include various types of Amazon user-generated content like product demos, unboxing videos, lifestyle images of users using your product, and more. 

How Can Amazon Sellers Engage Customers with User-Generated Content?


Amazon FBA Business


In 2011, Coca-Cola launched the “Share a Coke” campaign, one of the best UGC campaigns. The campaign featured personalized coke bottles and cans containing popular first names. As the campaign continued, Coca-Cola ads focused on encouraging customers to find a bottle or can with their name, take a picture, and share it on social media using the hashtag #ShareaCoke. Since the campaign was so unique, customers unknowingly stepped into the advertiser role, generating millions in revenue for the company and promoting a whole new image of Coca-Cola as a brand. Even as a small Amazon FBA business or e-commerce seller, you can still encourage users to generate UGC for you. Here’s how:


  • First, audit any existing UGC content on social media, YouTube, Google images, and Amazon reviews. Work with the creator to leverage UGC in your e-commerce marketing. If you decide to leverage already existing content, be sure to get explicit consent from the user.
  • Nowadays, finding UGC is really not that hard. After a few quick searches on TikTok, you’ll have a selection of authentic UGC content creators offering up many images and videos to purchase. Always remember to get a contract when purchasing UGC, as you don’t want to debate how to use the content you’ve paid for online.
  • Encourage your customers to post reviews after buying your products. This is the most authentic type of UGC and can help your Amazon FBA business flourish in many ways. Discover what customers think and organically persuade new audiences to like, follow, and, most importantly, buy from your brand.
  • Create contests and giveaways where your customers and other brand loyalists can post their best user-generated videos and photos in exchange for a free product. 


The Benefits of UGC in Your Amazon Listing in 2024 and Beyond

As we step into 2024, three key updates have emerged regarding User-Generated Content (UGC) on the Amazon platform. From algorithm shifts prioritizing authenticity to UGC’s pivotal role as a conversion driver, and the strategic integration of UGC-driven social proofing, these updates present exciting opportunities for sellers to enhance their online presence and build trust with customers. Let’s delve into these crucial insights that are reshaping the way Amazon businesses approach and leverage User-Generated Content in the current year.


#1 Algorithm Emphasis on Relevancy & Authenticity: In 2024, Amazon’s algorithms are placing increased emphasis on authenticity, making User-Generated Content (UGC) more valuable than ever for Amazon businesses. Authentic reviews, customer testimonials, and user-submitted images are gaining prominence in influencing product rankings. Amazon sellers should actively encourage and leverage UGC to build trust with potential customers and enhance their product visibility on the platform.


#2 UGC as a Conversion Driver: User-Generated Content is evolving into a powerful conversion driver on Amazon. Customers trust the opinions and experiences of fellow shoppers, and incorporating UGC into product listings significantly influences purchasing decisions. In 2024, successful Amazon businesses are strategically integrating UGC, such as customer reviews, images, and testimonials, directly within their product pages to boost credibility, foster engagement, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.


#3 UGC-Driven Social Proof:
Social proof continues to be a driving force in consumer behavior, and in 2024, UGC is at the forefront of social proofing strategies for Amazon businesses. Sellers are harnessing the potential of customer-generated content on social media platforms to showcase real-life product experiences, creating a compelling narrative around their brand. This UGC-driven social proof not only enhances brand reputation but also extends the reach of Amazon businesses beyond the platform, creating a more robust and interconnected online presence.


Try UGC Today to Boost Sales


In today’s e-commerce climate, customers want to feel like they are a part of a bigger story. A story that impacts and makes a difference in the lives of real people. It’s not enough to sell a me-too product and use aggressive marketing to build a loyal community. Traditional marketing gimmicks just won’t cut it as they would have ten or twenty years ago. That’s why user-generated content is so great. It’s real, it’s raw, and people trust it more than any expensive influencer promotion.


Implementing user-generated content in your Amazon FBA marketing strategy can do wonders for your brand. Customer reviews, testimonials, unboxing videos, and product demo content can help you outsell your competitors on the world’s largest online marketplaces. 


Have you tried UGC in your Amazon content? What worked? Comment below.


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