The Future Of Your Brand Depends on Clarity, Connection & Conversion

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Are you ready to take your Amazon FBA brand to empire?

You’ve spent hours creating an Amazon FBA listing you think is compelling, differentiating your private label brand, and crafting stunning social media graphics.

You’ve followed the step-by-step instructions the Amazon gurus told you would make all the difference.

You’ve invested in robust pay-per-click ad campaigns to ensure you dominate against your competition.

In your eyes, your brand is transforming lives…

But shortly after launch, you notice your transformational product isn’t converting. 

Your sales are on a steadfast decline, and buyers seem confused in your Amazon reviews.

You’re spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Amazon advertising, but your e-commerce business lacks visibility.

What gives?

Something is missing, alright, and it has everything to do with compelling copywriting, conversion-worthy Amazon listing optimization, and engaging social media marketing.

Your target market doesn’t understand your offer, and instead of clicking add to cart, they’re scrolling away, and you’re losing the sale.

Your content lacks:

Clarity, Connection, and Conversion.

Your Amazon FBA brand needs content that jolts the senses, compels your audience to act, and content that stands out from the typical online crowd. It’s time to make a real impact with crushingly clever content that sells. It’s time to work with Christina Ink.

Benefit Focused E-Commerce Copywriting

Solutions  for Beneficial Outcomes

Measurable Results

We know from experience that compelling content is more than just a pretty picture. We offer strategic planning and execution that delivers measurable results. That’s why we emphasize strategy as the foundation for all your e-commerce copywriting, content, and social media marketing needs.

Transformational Content

We craft content with a creative approach to help your audience stop the scroll. Our graphic design and compelling copywriting offer cutting-edge carousel posts, conversion-worthy Amazon images, and scroll-stopping video content that helps your brand increase authority, reach, and sales.

Personalized Service

Our entire approach is tailored to you and personalized, so you feel part of the process every step of the way. Whether new to Christina Ink or a repeat customer, we’re all about building lasting relationships that make you feel at home, taken care of, and comfortable to communicate your needs.

Ready to Compel Amazon Shoppers to Act?

Choose from Amazon Listing Optimization, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Solutions.

Amazon Listing Optimization & A+ Content

If you’re looking to rank page 1 instead of page 100 on Amazon, this is the place for you. We’ll optimize your Amazon listing and craft A+ Content that ensures you’ve got the most potent keywords and persuasive copywriting to dominate your niche.  We leverage a 7-point proven graphic design formula to ensure your Amazon images and A+ Content deliver a unique brand message to build authority and help you convert.

Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking to expand your reach with compelling content marketing, user generated content, and social media marketing, then this is best the place to start.  With nearly 5 billion people accessing social media, and 600 million blogs online, your business is losing sales and reach if you continue to hold off on your content and social footprint. We’ll create a comprehensive content and social strategy to help see your business a global online success.

The Christina Ink Process

Nothing we do is by chance. Not our words, not our graphics, not our process. Since starting her online beauty brand in 2019, Christina has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers build online empires through a comprehensive process that removes the stress and uncertainty sellers commonly face. We create a consistent workflow for your Amazon FBA business that is rooted in strategy, backed by research, and standardized based on your needs.

Step 1 - Choose Your Package

 Choose your package to get started. Contact Christina for a quote, or book a free strategy call to unearth your biggest barriers to online selling success.

Step 2 - Fill Out The Project Brief

Our entire process leverages a research-first approach to ensure we deliver top-performing content across channels. Fill out our creative brief so we can tailor the best strategy to meet your needs.

Step 3 - On Time Delivery

Since 2020 we’ve never missed a delivery. All documents are delivered in Google Drive so you can seamlessly review, share, and download your files. One free revision is included in every order.

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What People Are Saying

Amazon FBA copywriting

Christina has done a fabulous job writing for me on multiple occasions, including content marketing projects, e-books, and Amazon listing optimization. She knows how to captivate audiences and get the message across in a very clear manner. She has always been very prompt in her delivery and professional in her communication with me.

Amazon FBA Content Marketing

Christina is a great content marketer to work with. She is organized, diligent, and understands the value of what she does for e-commerce organizations. I’d have no problem partnering with her again to develop content with my team in the future.

Trice Alford
Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Reviews

Christina is the best Amazon copywriter we have ever worked with, and we have worked with many different writers. We hired her for several large brands’ Amazon listing optimization and were thrilled with the work! Thank’s Christina

Shaun Forney
e-commerce blog article writer

I hired the team at Christina Ink to assist with Amazon listing optimization, social media marketing, and e-commerce copywriting. The work was excellent, delivered on time, and it increased product ranking. They’re awesome at the work and highly recommended!

Aaron Biner
Little Jupiter
E-Commerce Social Media Marketing

Christina has been my go-to Amazon product listing and website copywriter for the last 2+ years. She’s easy to work with, passionate, always available, and provides high-quality work on time. She has a special gift for creating content that is keyword rich but is also easy to read, conveys the main features/benefits, and converts.

Eric Riehle
The Skunk Labs
Amazon FBA Listing Optimization

Christina is a very skilled and competent writer. She created the sales copy for a couple different Amazon product listings for me, and I was super impressed! She went over and above with the keyword research, SEO optimization, and the persuasive and compelling sales copy that she wrote! I would absolutely recommend working with Christina if you want to boost your Amazon product listing’s conversion rates

Karyn Thomas
Listing Studios
Best Amazon Listing Optimization Agency

I have worked with Christina for many Amazon FBA listing projects and have always been very happy with the results! The copy sells! Thank you, Christina

Phil Gadoury

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