Our Mission

We’re passionate content creators who believe in the power of authenticity in everything we do. Our mission is to inspire and nurture businesses to their full potential, one piece of remarkable content at a time.

About Christina

After scaling her first e-commerce business to six figures in under eight months and opening a successful copywriting agency catering to the most driven entrepreneurs known to man, Christina knows the painstaking struggle of juggling the overwhelming number of content marketing channels that exist across the digital landscape.

That’s why Christina Ink caters to brands to craft high-converting and crushingly creative content at affordable price points. All of our work is catered to your most ideal audience because we know effective content must target the right person at exactly the right time.

From above-the-fold website copy, high converting sales pages, evergreen resource guides, blogs, and social media management, our done-for-you content leverages only the best and most effective use of content marketing to transform your online presence, drive your sales, and emerge your business as a leader.

Ditch generic overused marketing statements and leverage Christina Ink’s powerful forward-thinking content solutions to meet the needs of your growing empire. 

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How I got my start


My underlying passion began at Carleton University with my first year in Psychology.


I moved off the beaten path to explore self discovery, travel, and adventure in the Rocky mountains of Canada.


The sky’s the limit. No, but for real, I started flying the friendly skies with a world-class airline that put its people ahead of its business- Westjet.

2019 - Present

Two time e-commerce entrepreneur, scaling a self made online beauty brand and a content marketing agency.  I’ve trained with some the greatest minds in Amazon marketing.

Hey, It's a Canadian thing...

Born and raised in the great white north, Sudbury, Ontario, was home until my family relocated to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, when I was just seventeen.

After turning forty in December of 2019, e-commerce quite literally changed my life. While there’s absolutely been a few bumps in the road, I wouldn’t change my trajectory for anything.

The biggest lesson I have to share is the courage it takes to keep going despite the limits we place on ourselves.

There are a few things you MUST know about me…

I tell the truth. 

I value authentic connections & partnerships.

I have compassion for people and their life experiences.

I’m an emerging female leader who defines myself differently than everyone else in the e-commerce space.

I may ruffle some feathers because producing valuable content means owning who I am and fiercely maintaining my standards and vision as a driver for success.

It takes a remarkable person to create remarkable content, and that’s exactly what I do.

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