Can AI Copywriting Tools Replace Humans in 2023?

by | Jan 5, 2023

Will AI copywriting replace e-commerce copywriters any time soon? As an Amazon FBA seller, you juggle every aspect of your business, especially in the first year. As technology advances, you’ll discover new tools to help you grow and streamline your business. AI copywriting tools like the newly released ChatGPT are great tools Amazon sellers can leverage to help craft content across all channels. But will AI copywriting tools replace the need for Amazon listing optimization services and e-commerce copywriters? Not in AI’s current state, but read on to learn more!


Here at Christina Ink, we are all about increasing productivity to unlock efficient ways to deliver the best results to our clients. Recently, we’ve been bombarded with emails and direct messages about the latest and greatest in AI copywriting, ChatGPT. We thought we’d take some time to weigh in on this cutting-edge new tool and drop our two cents about how you can leverage it in your Amazon FBA business.
In this article, you’ll learn what AI copywriting truly is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of the best AI tools and accomplish more for less. You’ll also hear our thoughts on the state of e-commerce copywriting, so let’s get started!


Will AI Copywriting Make E-commerce Copywriting a Thing of the Past?


First, let’s address the Amazon FBA rumor mill about the status of e-commerce copywriting. ChatGPT and other great AI copywriting tools will not make e-commerce copywriting obsolete. Here’s why. You have probably already heard that one of the secrets behind great e-commerce copywriting is empathy, the ability to truly relate and resonate with shoppers. And this is especially true because ’emotions’ control a massive part of our intelligence. Emotions drive decisions, especially purchase decisions.


When we craft brand messaging and other vital e-commerce copywriting content, we unearth a personal brand story fraught with vital messaging that makes the audience feel something. That’s right; good e-commerce copywriting manipulates audiences without them knowing they are being manipulated. And while some of you reading may think the m-word is bad, it is one of the most significant factors of effective copywriting. While there are some significant improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, artificial intelligent copywriting will only partially replace real human e-commerce copywriting.


Does that mean AI won’t lessen the demand for lackluster e-commerce copywriters? Well, frankly, it might. But who wants lackluster anyways? Copywriting is designed to sell–its entire existence is built upon the selling framework, so if you’re leveraging subpar copy, now more than ever, AI is here to take your place. But let’s back that up with science because we know Amazon sellers are data-driven. A neuroscientist study proved that cognitive and emotional intelligence share similar neural systems for integrating processes and decision-making. This means that, as humans, we need some sort of emotional connection to make a critical decision, like buying something online. Consider using AI to support your e-commerce copywriting needs in your Amazon FBA business.


Is AI Copywriting Worth It?


Artificial intelligence copywriting programs use natural language processing and machine learning technology to create copy matching a specific tone, format, and style. Machine learning, or ML as many know it, is how AI algorithms LEARN by processing large amounts of available online data and finding patterns in that same data. It then uses that information to create content, which it calculates as a statistically probable result based on the information you feed. That’s an e-commerce copywriting mouthful! Machine learning allows an AI copywriting tool to mimic and generate content remarkably close to our natural language patterns. Now that we have learned a little about AI copywriting let’s review some popular AI tools and how they can help you scale your Amazon FBA business.


How To Use AI Copywriting In Your Amazon FBA Business

AI copywriting tools can help Amazon sellers create content for everything from simple social media marketing captions to e-commerce blog content, product feature lists, to the following types of content:


  • Landing pages
  • Meta descriptions
  • Amazon Graphic design wireframes 
  • Social media graphics
  • Amazon bullet point drafts and descriptions
  • Blog post titles and outlines
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing captions & keywords


Some AI copywriting tools can produce quality content similar to what a person can write. They can create grammatically correct content, free from plagiarism, optimized loosely for SEO, and help Amazon sellers cut back on the ideation phase of content creation.


Is AI Writing Any Good, and Can You Use It For Amazon FBA Listing Optimization?


With the current state of AI copywriting technology, we believe AI can be leveraged partially for Amazon listing optimization and other content marketing needs. Amazon listing optimization is a complex and unique process that doesn’t just include ‘readable’ content and advanced keywords. Effective Amazon listing optimization must also adhere to Amazon’s code of conduct, formerly known as Amazon TOS. It takes much more than what the best AI copywriting tools in the 21st century can accomplish to create a highly effective Amazon listing that can boost visibility to page one, drive sales, and remain within Amazon’s rules.


Compelling e-commerce copywriting and an effective Amazon listing strategy are the pillars of successful Amazon marketing for your FBA business. With so many complications on Amazon and little time, sellers have to connect with shoppers on the product detail page; it is difficult to think of handing all that work over to a bot that knows nothing about emotions, Amazon’s code of conduct, or what drives people to take action.


However, the potential rewards of using AI copywriting tools are fascinating. Think about low costs, efficiency, and decent quality (because some copywriters out there really suck at their craft! We said what we said!) At the same time, think about humans losing work opportunities as the planet shifts to AI technology. What are those repercussions, and do governments care? They should.

A good AI copywriting tool, like our top picks for 2023, can help you produce more content and save time drowning in social media marketing efforts or blogging when you need to be at the core of your Amazon business.
So, to find out what the current tech AI tools can do, we tested some of the best free and best-paid premium AI copywriting tools that exist:


  • Jasper
  • Rytr
  • AI-Writer
  • Chat GPT

How Did We Test AI Copywriting Tools And What Were We Looking For?


First, we had to try out Chat GPT with all the hype around the Amazon FBA community. Unlike some of the biggest Amazon agencies, our opinion differs on whether you can leverage this tool to craft an entire, award-winning Amazon listing! 👀 We also had exclusive access to some of the most prominent Amazon marketing agencies’ beta AI listing tools, and so far, what we’ve seen is not great. It’s AI, so it’s trending and interesting, no doubt. But the ultimate test will occur after uploading AI-only content to Amazon and seeing your sales numbers climb or slump.


Next, we selected the remaining AI tools based on their features and existing user reviews. We then signed up and tested each AI copywriting tool individually. Since these tools have many templates and features, we tested each on short-form and long-form content to see what each tool could produce. The following is what we were looking for to evaluate AI copywriting tools:


  • The user interface; how easy or hard to use it, and how much input is required
  • The available functions and the number of valuable features 
  • Pricing packages, overall impression, and ‘value for money and the product, in general,
  • Quality and uniqueness of the text output and the amount of editing required to ensure a readable, logical, and factually correct content


We wanted to see what each AI copywriting tool could produce and the quality. We also wanted to see if these AI copywriting tools could be helpful to content marketers and Amazon e-commerce brands in a real-world context. Overall, the results from all the AI tools we tested were impressive for the desired outcome. The blog content they produce is indeed ‘readable,’ but we aren’t sure sellers should solely leverage copywriting AI regarding the specifics around Amazon lisitng optimization. Input matters, and if not careful, inaccurate results are common. You’ll want to spend much time training the input to garner the best results.

That said, the Amazon AI copywriting results were generic and filled with overused and noncompliant statements. The copy was bland and didn’t stand out against the millions of brands vying for top placement on Amazon. Notwithstanding that, the bullet points in the beta agency versions were less than 100 characters each, with nearly no compelling brand copy and obvious noncompliant statements like ‘award-winning’ riddled throughout the content.
At this level, Amazon marketing agencies creating AI tools must create tools that consider compliance, or sellers will revolt with unsatisfactory outcomes. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see the sales data after leveraging AI tools to understand how to best leverage Amazon AI.


When Google released its latest update, one of the driving factors for the top of the search was the need for authentic, high-quality content. How does that correlate to the Amazon marketplace? Today’s algorithms prove that relevancy and authority mean something. We’re not sure you can achieve authority with generic me-too e-commerce copywriting on either Amazon or Google. Then there are issues with copyright and compliance. All things sellers will need to think of before uploading content to Amazon.

We wholeheartedly see the usefulness of AI copywriting tools for anyone looking to scale an online business.
Some AI copywriting tools also lack consistency and produce high quantities of non-sensical spam content. Some pick up the proper context and produce what appears to relate to some of your keywords, but just not in the relevant context. It can take a lot of time and finagling to get half-decent results. On the other hand, some AI copywriting programs are genuinely helpful. They produce texts that don’t require so much editing and fine-tuning.  After the test, we picked the following tools as our favorites and most useful AI copywriting tools for e-commerce copywriting…


The Best AI Copywriting Tools For Amazon E-commerce Copywriting



They used to call it until recently. is among the top premium and comprehensive AI copywriting tools. This AI copywriting tool can generate content for just about anything; for instance, it can produce:


  • Social media captions
  • Compelling blog headlines and blog posts
  • SEO meta descriptions and page titles
  • Product feature lists
  • LinkedIn posts, and profile bios, to name a few.


AI copywriting software

Fig. 1.0 AI Copywriting Software Dashboard


What stands out the most when using Jasper is how polished, and well-articulated its content sounds. While it is not a piece of content, you can use as-is, and the ‘usable’ parts sound natural and convincing. But as good as it is, Jasper also has its downside. You will also notice that:


  • Jasper repeats itself, especially when writing long-form content with subsequent paragraphs that are nearly identical.
  • It produces precise statistics without reference or citation, so there is no way you can check if that information is true or false. 
  • It includes odd and irrelevant paragraphs as though it’s logical content.


You can quickly rectify these minor issues during manual editing and fact-checking. Overall, Jasper can produce impressive content. And even though the content requires careful editing and fine-tuning, it is well-written and can help Amazon sellers with vast content in their Amazon FBA business.




How accurate is Copy.AI? Great question! is one of the most diverse AI copywriting tools available today. And just like Jasper, also uses GPT-3 technology and provides vast templates for almost everything. This includes email marketing copy, e-commerce product description and features list, blog post outlines, and social media posts, to name a few. In our opinion, it’s reasonably accurate. Read more below. This AI copywriting tool also provides a range of start-up and writing tools for everything from brainstorming your brand’s slogan to clarifying your target audience. What you may not also appreciate is:


  • The output or quality of the text it produces could be more consistent. And while some, such as product descriptions and social media captions, are OK and only require a small amount of editing, others don’t add any value.
  • Input options are also limited. Therefore, you can’t always provide enough information, so you get more relevant results and content.
  • Even though the results, compared with other tools, are better, the layout is not as user-friendly as some other AI copywriting tools we had previously tested. has several exciting and handy features. And the majority of the texts it produces are relevant and usable even if you still need to edit them.

#3 Rytr


Rytr is another fantastic free AI copywriting tool that uses GPT-3 technology and Proprietary AI to produce content for over 20 different use cases. You will also notice that the user interface is simple, neat, and easy to use. We like how it takes just a few seconds to sign up and start using the tool. Some of the things that its developer needs to improve are:


  • Rytr often includes uncited statistics and numbers with no way of verifying them
  • The article outlines don’t show a logical progression from the first paragraph to the bottom line
  • The tool is very inconsistent and can sometimes include snippets that are entirely out of place


These, and a few others, are only minor issues you can edit and move on. Overall, the Rytr copywriting tool produces good quality content, has a built-in plagiarism checker, supports multiple languages, and offers multi-user collaborations.

#4 ChatGPT


Last but not least, today’s trending hot topic in the Amazon FBA community and beyond. ChatGPT is a newly released application derived from OpenAI. Its hype online is having a massive impact on the average e-commerce copywriter having to defend their good name. OK, we kid, but let’s look at ChatGPT and discover if it’s worth all the hype. While ChatGPT features like the answering prompt are user-friendly and straightforward, the content isn’t always as remarkable as what some are making it seem. While the responsiveness of the tool is relatively high-functioning, some of the information it provides is often incorrect and repetitive. It’s almost as if the software goes too far into detail, missing the mark on what the user is searching for. 


Irrelevant and misinformed responses are common. For that reason alone, we don’t see how an Amazon FBA listing optimization agency could solely rely on this app to create their entire Amazon listings. Let alone how they differentiate each listing from sounding generic is beyond us. Word to the wise, ChatGPT, in its current state, is a REMARKABLE tool, but like any tool, it is not the total answer. Could that change? Maybe, but in its current state, we don’t believe Amazon sellers will achieve desirable Amazon listings with advanced SEO and complaint content solely from ChatGPT.


Is AI The Future Of Copywriting, And Will It Replace Amazon Listing Optimization Agencies?


e-commerce copywriting 2023

No, human e-commerce copywriters are here to stay!


Many e-commerce copywriters are scared that AI copywriting bots will take their jobs. After testing several top AI copywriting tools and seeing what they can and cannot do, we can confidently say that artificial intelligence is far from replacing skilled copywriters. And you’ll see for yourself after using some of these tools. You’ll realize that none of the existing AI copywriting tools can produce content that doesn’t require editing or augmenting by a human copywriter.


Moreover, the results you get from AI-generated long-form content, sometimes even short and straightforward e-commerce product description texts, need serious editing. Sometimes even a complete rewrite. And although the content may look (or sound) as if a real person wrote it, it doesn’t mean it’s compelling, creative, or clever. And with that, these tools may not add the value needed to drive results even in 2023.  

How To Leverage AI Copywriting In Your Amazon Business


Good AI copywriting software can make life easier in your Amazon business if you let them ‘help’ you with content creation and the foundations of ‘writing’ instead of allowing them to write everything for you. Have your AI copywriting tool do the grunt work, so you can have plenty of time to focus on polishing your e-commerce copy and delivering a unique piece of content that resonates with your target market. Here are some clever ways you can use AI to your advantage:

#1 Use the AI program for the right task


We know that not every text or writing needs to be remarkably outstanding. Often, copywriters who can craft epic content must spend a lot of time putting together content that doesn’t require much skill or experience. Hate to admit it, but it’s true, and good copywriters know it! Instead of exhausting your precious human brain on stuff that doesn’t require much effort, consider having an AI copywriting tool take care of specific arduous tasks like bulk social media captions, blog headlines, and more. Use the tools to your advantage, but understand that they are tools, not the be-all and end-all if you want to unlock measurable results.


#2 Use AI Copywriting Tools to Rewrite and Repurpose E-commerce Copy

e-cmmmerce copywriting repurposing

Repurpose your content from your website to your social channels, Amazon listing, and more!


There are many instances when you must say the same thing differently. Once or twice could be easy, but it becomes particularly challenging when finding a unique way to write about the same thing in multiple contexts. That’s where a good AI paraphrasing tool comes in handy. You can use the tool to rephrase copy for you. Carefully check the output to ensure it is accurately reworded and not flagged for plagiarism. Plagiarism can land you in hot water as a brand owner, so it should be on top of your mind while using any AI copywriting tool.

#3 Learn How to Improve AI-Generated Content Rather Than Rewriting It From Scratch


Letting AI copywriting tools do your hard work can save you time and effort. You’ll be able to come in later and re-work the computer-generated content into something truly remarkable in just the amount of time it would take you to write an average piece of content. Play around with the various features and learn how to navigate the input. How you frame things regarding AI copywriting can mean very different results.

#4 Use AI Copywriting Software To Generate Ideas & Graphic Design Wireframes


At times content creation can feel like you’re looking at an endless blank screen with no ideas popping up when you need them most. Regardless of how long you try to think things out, the words don’t just flow, and your ideas dwindle like water down a drain. In short, you are stuck…


content marketing for Amazon sellers

Leverage AI copywriting tools to formulate ideas.


Letting an AI copywriting tool kick-start your ideation phase is a must-have time saver. Use AI to help write the next sentence to trick your brain and get you back on track. We’ve seen sellers leverage AI to generate infographic ideation and A+ content copywriting, which we feel is a brilliant use of these tools and your time.

#5 Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your AI Copywriting Tool


These tools can be truly amazing if you feed them the correct input. Be sure to understand what your favorite AI copywriting tool needs to consistently produce great results. This is especially important, as it will reduce the amount of time on editing and proofreading. Explore all the features of your preferred AI copywriting tool to see what is and is not helpful for your needs. Some AI copywriting tools have built-in tools for checking grammar and spelling, which can be huge-time savers in and of themselves. Some AI tools have plagiarism checkers to check content’s uniqueness. These tools can be helpful as you can check your work the same way you would with Grammarly Premium and Copyscape.


If you produce any amount of e-commerce copywriting, it should be original to you and not copied for many reasons. AI tools help mitigate plagiarism–you must care about copied content on and off Amazon.

Final Thoughts


From where AI copywriting technology stands today, most human copywriters still have an advantage. In other words, artificial intelligence is still far from completely replacing our remarkably amazing copywriting skills! OK, shameless plug to the team here at Christina Ink, but still, we make a valid point. If you want to stand out, capture a unique brand identity, resonate with a target audience, and build a repeat buying community. In that case, AI copywriting isn’t the total answer, in our opinion. AI technology has advanced considerably and is an excellent tool for new and seasoned Amazon sellers to leverage in their FBA businesses. Save time, reduce costs, and leverage the tool to help you scale.


Are you having trouble crafting foundational messaging that hooks buyers from your website to your social channels and Amazon listing? We can help. Check our Amazon listing FAQ, or contact us today for a quote. Let’s differentiate your brand and make you the number-one choice on Amazon.


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