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Stop The Scroll & Increase Sales with Stunning Amazon Images and Powerful Amazon A+ Content

PaddleSmash is more than just a brand – it’s a dynamic force redefining the way you experience sports. With the perfect fusion of Round Net and Pickle Ball, and the exhilarating spirit of competition, PaddleSmash is the hottest game of the year, and a force to be reckoned with on Amazon.


PaddleSmash is an outdoor odyssey that blends the essence of Pickle Ball and Round Net into a magnetic game of bump, set, and smash. After a mediocre launch, PaddleSmash enlisted the help of Christina Ink to help stop the scroll and increase sales with stunning Amazon graphic design and persuasive copy.

The Challenge

Articulate a unique game concept cross the digital landscape, engage shoppers, and stop the scroll.

The Solution

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strategic approach to scroll-stopping graphics and transformational Amazon copywriting, the team at Christina Ink carefully curated a visually compelling and SEO-driven Amazon product detail page.

Me-too copy that didn't meet Amazon's search requirements meant the brand was struggling to g to achieve visibility.

Visuals that didn't articulate consistent branding or unfold a compelling brand story

Text heavy A+ Content with no focus on product benefits meant customers scrolled away instead of adding to cart.

Christina’s Approach

Strategic Graphic Design Overhaul

Christina Ink began by redesigning PaddleSmash’s product images. Through skillful manipulation and attention to detail, we highlighted a consistent brand theme fully optimized for the Amazon mobile view. Large text, consistent branding, and high-quality product photography were used to craft unique images with clear product features and benefits. The result was a series of captivating visuals that now intrigue and resonate with shoppers across the USA.

Supercharged SEO & Copywriting

After reconstructing PaddleSmash’s Amazon Images and Enhanced Brand Content (A+), the team at Christina Ink meticulously restructured the keywords title, 5 bullet points, and A+ Copywriting. The revamped Amazon Listing offers clarity and succinctly communicating the value proposition, effectively addressing customer pain points, while adhering to Amazon’s complex search requirements and code of conduct.


Through strategic design mastery, PaddleSmash’s Amazon product detail page underwent a metamorphosis, evolving into an irresistible gateway for sports enthusiasts.

This transformation unleashed soaring click-through rates, exponential sales growth, and unwavering customer loyalty. Christina Ink’s touch didn’t just optimize; it skillfully painted a new paradigm of success for PaddleSmash in the vast digital marketplace. 


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