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#1 New Release Badge After Extensive Keyword Research, Strategy, & PPC Driven Launch

Just Go Boom is a kids card game and the brainchild of a busy mom of 5, Christine. Inspiration Play sought Christina Ink’s help to devise an effective Amazon listing and keyword launch strategy. The game received the #1 New Release badge on Amazon within weeks of launch. Read more to discover just how Christina Ink helped Just Go Boom explode to become the number one newly released game on Amazon in only 30 days.



Conversion Rate




Established kids game brands dominate top placements on Amazon while new sellers put everything on the line to compete. An effective keyword ranking strategy was Inspiration Play’s best offence at an aggressive and wildly successful Amazon launch. 

The Challenge

Competitors took swift action with aggressive fronts in an attempt to discount early signs of launch success. Christina Ink was prepared with an iron-clad keyword strategy to help boost organic rank and sales within the first 30 days of launch.  

Ready to dominate top placements and kick competitors to the curb, Inspiration Play employed Christina Ink to create a comprehensive keyword strategy with a custom PPC directive to explode sales and gain control over the market.

Competitors ready to pounce in an effort to dismantle any new launch success on Amazon.

Only the best, most relevant and searched keywords would help this launch perform to maximum potential.

Just Go Boom required compelling copywriting that's TOS compliant to stand out on Amazon.

Christina Ink’s Approach

Strategic SEO Strategy

Armed with extensive keyword ranking experience, Christina Ink leveraged meticulous keyword strategy to unlock the most relevant and highly searched keywords for Just Go Boom.

The result of exhaustive keyword research was a substantial keyword list containing over 200 relevant and highly-searched keywords. Christina Ink increased product discoverability on Amazon in less than 30 days of launch, resulting in Inspiration Play winning #1 New Release game for ‘card deck games’.

Double-Digit Reviews

Amazon customers spoke loud and clear in the first 30 days of launch! Double digit reviews helped boost product visibility and popularity helping this kid’s card game fly off of Amazon’s digital shelves.

Insane Growth Trajectory

Just Go Boom is a prime example of what an effective keyword strategy can garner for a brand that tackles an Amazon launch with a multi-targeted approach. Everything comes together to deliver a memorable brand, a top-notch product, a compelling Amazon listing, a comprehensive keyword strategy, and a solid PPC directive to explode success on the world’s largest online marketplace. 


An Amazon listing that hit $10k in sales in less than 30 days! By formulating a comprehensive keyword strategy, combined with killer copywriting, Christina Ink single-handedly increased Inspiration Play’s conversions by 14%. TACOS held strong at 24% during launch, and the product is well on its way to long-term Amazon success. 

Inspiration Play

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