How To Unlock the Amazon Brand Story to Boost Shopper Trust

by | Dec 9, 2022

The Amazon brand story section gives sellers an advantage over fierce Amazon competition. This fairly new section of Amazon A+ Content is an amazing way of establishing brand awareness and authority to help form a solid relationship with shoppers while having a stunning, scroll-stopping storefront. Not just that, but the Amazon Brand Story section is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase sales. By matching your marketing techniques to your target audience, you’ll make it super easy for users to find you on Amazon and make a quick buying decision through added copywriting and stunning graphics.


If you are eligible but are not leveraging this unique Amazon brand marketing feature, then you are ignoring a potential and easy conversion rate boost. If you were hoping to learn how this unique Amazon feature can promote your brand, then you’re reading the right post. Read on to find out what there is to know about the Amazon brand story section, from who can access it to the best tips for writing conversion copy for your brand story.

What is the Amazon Brand Story?


Amazon Brand Story

Fig. 1.1 Notice the unique carousel design with 4 modules to choose from.


The Amazon Brand Story is a special branding feature and content marketing section that allows eligible brands to publish additional unique content. This unique content section appears above the A+ content description, which is perfect for displaying your product photos with links or even sharing your mission statement, brand values, or anything else that sets you apart. The feature is only available to registered brands, meaning you must first register your brand in Amazon’s brand registry program to be eligible. But what exactly are the requirements?


As a seller, you must have a registered trademark to qualify. Even though you may not be planning to use the feature yet, it still helps to register your brand to protect it and gain access to a whole set of tools, such as Amazon A+ content and A/B testing. These are simply must-have tools coming into 2023 as an Amazon seller.

What Are the Main Sections of the Amazon Brand Story?


There are a few sections of the Amazon BrandStory that you can leverage to unfold more about your brand voice, vision and mission. Let’s review them below:

#1 The brand carousel background


This is often the first thing we see when we arrive at the Brand Story section and acts as the default background image when we scroll or navigate through the other modules within the carousel.

Specs: 1464px x 625px min. Includes a headline, body text, and small right image 463px x 625px min.

#2 About the brand

Use this module to display a standout product image or even your CEO or founder’s portrait so users can get to know your brand better. Usually, a single image with a copywriting hook and accompanying body text is enough.

Specs: 362px x 453px min. A single image with a headline and body text.

#3 Brand ASIN and store showcase

This section consists of product images that redirect users to your Amazon seller storefront. Choose from four ASINs and upload a photo of each in sizing 166px by 182px minimum. Add a compelling heading or hook and body text, and link it to your product page. 

Specs:166px x 182px min. Select up to 4 product ASINs and include a high-quality image. Include a link to your Amazon Storefront.

#4 Brand logo and description

You’ll use this section to add basic brand details, such as your brand logo and a brief description. The Amazon Brand Story is ideal for discussing your brand values, mission statement, or anything else about your brand. This is where you’ll leverage your e-commerce copywriting skills to pique curiosity and gain shoppers’ trust.

Specs: 315px x 145px min. Logo with your brand story.

#5 Brand Q & A

Just as the name suggests, this section is a typical question and answers section where you’ll choose from the preset questions or come up with your own to be more specific to your customers. Answer these questions how you choose, but make sure to answer up to three crucial questions about your brand.

Specs: Text only. Answer up to 3 common questions.


Is Amazon’s Brand Story Worth it?


Amazon A+ Content Brand Story

Fig. 1.2 From, a sample brand story section.


Absolutely. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from other copy-paste sellers. Use it wisely, and it will strengthen your brand and help you drive more sales on and off Amazon. Who knows, maybe shoppers will search for your brand name on Google, your website, or social channels all from this transformational section of A+ Content. It helps to know that the latest updates have made the feature more visually appealing, so users can easily scroll and navigate through the different modules with ease.


Another point to note is that your brand story content puts your business on display for everyone, so people don’t have to look far to learn everything about you. You can consider the below advantages to determine whether to use the Amazon brand story feature.

How the A+ Brand Story Can Impact Your Business


There are plenty of benefits to using Amazon’s brand story section. We’ve highlighted four crucial benefits you should know about:

#1 An added space for content

The Amazon brand story section provides you with more space to display more products. The carousel-style background makes navigating seamless for shoppers, thus increasing the time they spend exploring your brand and the products.

#2 Increase overall sales

Modules that link to your Amazon product page allow shoppers to explore more and purchase multiple products from your store. A small percentage increase in average cart value can significantly impact your overall sales.

#3 Builds brand awareness and loyalty

Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide sellers with the best chance for brand building. Users can compare products by images, reviews, or price and go with the best available option. But that’s not always enough to compel people to act. That’s why you need a fascinating brand story to pique customer interest in your products. And not just that, a fascinating brand story can help you establish some “brand equity” with users so they can remember your brand and return for repurchase or refer someone to buy from you.

#4 Helps your brand stand out from the crowd

With the Amazon brand story section, you can build a connection with users that sets you apart from other sellers. Provide shoppers with what you stand for and why they should care about your brand to help build a stronger online presence and community. 

Five Copywriting Tips to Craft A Compelling Amazon Brand Story


A great customer experience means high conversion rates and more money for your business. But many sellers often ignore the role that e-commerce copywriting plays in creating a remarkable customer experience. The type of message you leverage to describe your product (and your brand) is the key to establishing a great shopping experience for Amazon’s ready-to-buy market.


Writing effective e-commerce copywriting for your Amazon brand story can be particularly challenging, especially if you are not a writer or if you are a little biased like most sellers about their brands.  Below you’ll discover some copywriting tidbits that can help you create effective copy for your brand story to enhance your clients’ shopping experience.

#1 Write a fascinating brand indoctrination 

When you are running an Amazon business, turning regular site visitors into paying clients is key to growing your brand. Essentially, that is what we call, or what is known as, the indoctrination process. The idea is simply to nurture your leads.

Most Amazon sellers skip this vital part of copywriting and marketing when it should be the other way around. Leverage a brand indoctrination as a lead magnet in your Amaozn Brand Story section to help prompt new users to want to know more about your products and brand.

#2 Tell your brand story


Amazon Brand Registry

Fig 1.3 Unlock storytelling to draw new audience members to your brand on and off of Amazon.


Your Amazon brand story can create an emotional connection with shoppers and leave a memorable impression. In fact, a brand story can be the difference between users appreciating your brand or just ignoring it. Keep in mind that you’re establishing a brand and not just selling items online. Leverage e-commerce copywriting instead of “marketing jargon” to convey what we want shoppers to see whenever they think about your brands. Below are some copywriting tips to consider when writing copy for your Amazon brand story: 


  • Consider shorter sentences over longer sentences and go straight to the point. Keep text even lengths across modules and tiles so the eye can easily scan content. The visual appeal of text is important.
  • Convey your brand benefits and why your brand is an authority and unique. 
  • Always leverage active voice in your writing for effective communication instead of passive voice, which is often indirect and less effective.


Shoppers come across different e-commerce product pages from different platforms, so they know what “good” and “exaggerated” copy looks like. 

Always try to keep your Amazon product page and other content concise, less technical, and easy to understand. Also, remember that the goal is to make it attractive and easy for shoppers to explore and buy from your store.

#3 Make your copywriting hook and first sentence worth the effort


You need headlines and hooks in your Amazon Brand Story section. A hook or headline should lure the reader to read on. If you lose a shopper at the hook, you may never see him again. So, what makes an attractive hook? The goal is to draw shoppers in and inspire them to read beyond the hook; a perfect place to begin is to ask a critical question that addresses customer pain points. The text that follows should be compelling to make them want to read further. Try adding power words to enthral the reader immediately. 

Customers should be able to understand from your copywriting hook and the first sentence how your brand or product can transform their lives. Give users a good reason to stay on your website, let alone add your product’s cart.

#4 Focus on the benefits instead of just stating features

Successful Amazon sellers focus on benefits when they are writing copy for their products. Benefits demonstrate how a product and your brand can solve problems and change lives. Instead of bragging about me-too product features, highlight your product benefits to compel shoppers towards your transformational offer.

#5 Create a sense of urgency

For a sense of urgency to work as a sales driver on Amazon, shoppers need to believe that “buying now” is the best chance they have. But how exactly do you create an effective sense of urgency and stay within Amazon’s terms of service? Amazon explicitly states that sales copy is not exactly permitted. But you may be able to reveal copywriting formulas without breaching Amazon’s code of conduct. Telling shoppers that people love Brand X products or that their purchase is risk-free may be within Amazon’s code of conduct and can help elicit more sales. Comparative copy may also be effective; just don’t mention brand names. As always, we’ll never guarantee results, but these are examples sellers may choose to test. 

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Brand Story section enables you to display your brand story to help keep shoppers on your detail page and in your Amazon storefront longer. Because it’s a relatively new feature and best practices and/or rules may evolve, it may be beneficial to have an expert on your side so you can maximize the benefits and increase your overall sales.


In addition to crafting copy that best represents your unique brand voice and style, your friends at Christina Ink write in a way that resonates with shoppers and turns them into buyers. Contact us today to unfold a memorable Amazon Brand Story minus the stress!


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