How to Write Bulletproof Amazon Bullet Points

by | Nov 30, 2022

To boost sales, sellers must optimize their Amazon listings with the best Amazon bullet points in a comprehensive approach. That means leveraging persuasive Amazon bullet points and unfolding a compelling brand story throughout the bullet points and Amazon product detail page. While Amazon bullet points may seem straightforward, sellers tend to write mundane, feature-focused copy that doesn’t evict a response from shoppers. Compelling copywriting can help you attract more traffic and increase sales. Read on to learn how to write Amazon bullet points that frame the benefits of your products so you can convert regular browsers into paying customers.

What are Amazon bullet points?


Amazon bullet points are vital to your Amazon product listing. Amazon bullet points are located under your Amazon title. Most categories can create 5 bullet points, while others can create up to 10.  Amazon bullet points must be clear and concise for shoppers to skim and read so they can naturally click add to cart instead of scrolling away. Because bullet points play an integral role in Amazon SEO, they are a great space to add relevant, highly searched keywords to boost your product’s visibility. 


Are Amazon bullet points crucial?

Amazon bullet points


Besides the title and your product’s main image, bullet points are what shoppers see when they click on your listing on the search results page. Often, the first three bullet points are the area customers focus on looking for key product benefits and features. Shoppers quickly make buying decisions, sometimes in as little as ten seconds or less, so bullet points matter. While shoppers often look at the product’s reviews and images before buying, the copy impacts how customers see their lives transforming after purchasing your product.


Learn How to Write Effective Amazon Bullet Points to Multiply Your Sales


There are several guidelines we follow for writing effective Amazon bullet points. Equal parts SEO and copywriting will prove the most beneficial; the content should align with Amazon’s terms of service so that your product listing remains active and your account health is in good standing. Here are some technical aspects to consider: 


  • The first few words of each bullet point are known as copywriting hooks. Do not use all caps here, as doing so is against Amazon TOS.
  • Don’t keyword stuff each bullet point. Every bullet point should be readable even after adding keywords.
  • Amazon only indexes up to 1000 characters of all five bullet points. At Christina Ink, we aim not to exceed 250 characters per bullet point.
  • Always position your bullet points by highlighting benefits first. Ensure you leverage the top 5 benefits and features to correspond with your product images.
  • Avoid prohibited claims or statements. Amazon copywriters know these as trigger words because they can trigger a listing suppression or suspension. Review Amazon’s pesticide and FDA claims information, so you know what to avoid.

What Makes a Compelling Amazon Bullet Point?


Many sellers know how to write good bullet points. But ‘good’ isn’t good enough when writing Amazon copy that sells. Compelling bullet points must be engaging and follow specific copywriting formulas to stop the scroll and evict action from shoppers. Amazon bullet points must leverage a copywriting hook to pique users’ interest and keep them reading past the first bullet point. A copywriting hook is the most crucial aspect of copy because it determines if the reader, or shopper in the case of Amazon, stays on the page and clicks buy now. Therefore, a copywriting hook in an Amazon bullet point piques interest and can make or break the sale. 

How Do You Create an Amazon Bullet Point That Stops The Scroll?


Amazon bullet points


First, you need to know what not to do. Do not leverage clickbait in your Amazon listing or bullet points. Clickbait can infuriate shoppers as it signals a brand they can’t trust. Avoid clickbait on Amazon or elsewhere at all costs. Leverage each bullet point to guide shoppers through their purchase decision. You’ll need to know a little about copywriting formulas to craft the best, most compelling Amazon bullet points and hooks. Copywriting formulas are exactly that; tried and true formulas that offer proven results. 


Here are some examples of copywriting formulas you can google for more information:

  • Get Achieve Benefit
  • Fear of Missing Out
  • Threat, Warning & Pain
  • Problem Agitate Solution


While you may not use an entire formula in one single Amazon bullet point or hook, the concept of grabbing a reader’s attention and keeping it is still the same. Consider the following rules when creating a great Amazon bullet point:


  • Be Specific: While they may sound good, general statements may not tell shoppers enough information. Remember that readers skim content looking for what they need. Example Bullet Point: Play It Safe With Soothing Ingredients – Don’t let cheap products dry out your kid’s sensitive skin. Brand X natural bubble bath is ultra-gentle for your little ones’ most sensitive areas. Enjoy the soothing scent of calming lavender.


  • Be creative: More often than not, Amazon bullet points are generic and uninteresting. Speak to your ideal audience, but have a little fun with it as long as you remain on brand. Example Bullet Point: Good Clean Fun Approved by Kids – There’s nothing better than a nice soothing bath to help comfort and calm your little one. Add our rich bubble bath to warm water and watch your child’s worries fizzle down the drain.


Notice how we don’t leverage all caps in the Amazon bullet point hooks and only capitalize the first letter of every word? That’s because all caps is not allowed within the Amazon style guides. Always consider Amazon code of conduct and style guides when writing your Amazon FBA listing, whether the bullet points, title, or description.

Can You Leverage Emojis in Your Amazon Bullet Points?


You’ll notice in our examples above we didn’t add emojis in the bullet points. There is a great debate in the Amazon community if emojis should or shouldn’t be leveraged. Adding emojis is, in fact, against the Amazon style guides. 


Convert Product Features to Benefits To Boost Sale


Amazon copywriting


Most sellers begin their first Amazon listing by detailing their product’s best features. But we know from market research that people buy based on product benefits. Let’s try an exercise to help you convert features to benefits. 


Feature to Benefit Conversion


Step 1 – List all features of your product.

Step 2 – What problem does each feature solve?

Step 3 – Why is the feature valuable?

Step 4 – Position the feature as a benefit by focusing on the outcome for the customer.



Step 1: Product: Hot air brush cool setting

Step 2: The cool setting quickly sets a hairstyle

Step 3: The cool setting saves women time and offers a better style.


You’re well on your way to crafting bulletproof bullet points that are within Amazon’s terms of service. But there are a few other tricks up our sleeve, so keep reading.

How To Add SEO to Your Amazon Bullet Points


SEO is an absolute must in your Amazon listing, especially as competition ramps up. SEO must be strategically placed throughout the title, bullet points, HTML description, and backend search terms. SEO needs to flow naturally and not impact a well-written bullet point’s meaning or sentence structure. The Amazon A9 algorithm reviews certain sections of your listing to help rank your listing in the search results. Ideally, you want to end up ranked on page one organically (no ads) so that shoppers see your listing in the top ten placements on for a particular main keyword. 


Here’s how to approach Amazon bullet point SEO like a pro:


  • Choose the top 20-25 most relevant and highly searched keywords for your product.
  • Place the most valuable keywords in the title in order of importance.
  • Add no more than 2 keywords per bullet point and maintain grammar and sentence structure.
  • Add unused keywords to the backend search terms area. Just keep them relevant.

How To Leverage Compelling Copywriting In Your Amazon Bullet Points


Although keywords are essential, and the Amazon search algorithm rewards listings with high conversion rates, it takes much more than that to boost sales. And that’s where ‘conversion copywriting’ comes into play. Because customer satisfaction is your top priority, be sure to take note of these three principles so you can write Amazon bullet points that sell:


  • Tell shoppers about the benefits or advantages of your product. Add some technical details, but be creative and position the copy, so the customer feels like you’re speaking to them. Tell shoppers how your products can improve their lives.
  • Your bullet points should not look like advertising slogans. Always avoid inflated claims and avoid over-used statements like the perfect or the best. We know some gurus teach these practices but think about redundancy on Amazon. Be different and stick to the facts of your product.
  • Relay your brand messaging in your Amazon bullet points. One of sellers’ biggest mistakes is not leveraging copy from their website and social channels in their Amazon listings. 

Short, Concise Bullet Points are More Effective


Amazon has a 500-character limit for each bullet point. The best bullet points, however, fall far below the 500-character limit. We never suggest 500 characters. Keep all five bullet points below 1000 characters or roughly 250 characters each. Short, straight-to-the-point bullet points improve readability and allow shoppers to learn about your products quickly. And because style and structure matter, maintain a similar length between your bullet points, and make them as neat and easy to read as possible. Use them all if your bullet point limit is 5; don’t leave any blank. Think about how the eye scans content. Symmetry matters, always.

Don’t Forget to Perform Amazon Competitor Research


Search for similar product listings on Amazon and other e-commerce websites to unlock what competitor research. Note unique product benefits and key features, and scour product reviews and questions. Helium10 offers a great feature called the review analyzer that inputs all customer reviews and questions to gather and analyze the resulting data. Leverage this data to craft the best results catering to your target market. 

Compelling Bullet Points Help Shoppers Click Add to Cart


Amazon bullet points help your customers to add to cart the best product they believe will solve their biggest pain points. Avoid clickbait on Amazon. Try to match your Amazon bullet points with your seven gallery images so customers can unfold a story that instantly signals why your product is the best. If performing advanced SEO and crafting compelling conversion-worthy copy is not your strong suit, then it may be best to enlist the help of an Amazon listing optimization expert. Experts work to uncover the best keywords with the most ranking potential while crafting compelling copywriting that’s within Amazon’s code of conduct.


Optimizing your bullet points opens up the possibility of more sales and a higher internal Amazon score. Need help crafting copy that sells on Amazon? Contact Christina Ink for a free listing audit so we can help optimize critical components of your listing to boost rank and sales.


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