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You asked, we answered!

At Christina Ink, we believe in transparency in everything we do. That’s why we’ve answered all your burning questions in our frequently asked questions section. Need more help? Email the Christina Ink team at hello@christinaink.com.

What's all the fuss about? Why Christina Ink?

Think small but mighty. 😉 Everything we do is rooted in creativity and strategy to leverage the ultimate force of content marketing in your business. Whether it’s your powerhouse Amazon listing, your top-ranked blog post, or your cleverly crafted website copy– we go for the jugular with your content because we know what happens when marketing and copywriting collide. Sales happen, buyer confusion disappears, and your business begins to flourish. All because you leveraged this ‘small’ content marketing agency Christina Ink. We’re ready for your next chapter, are you?

Does Christina Ink guarantee ranking, indexing or outcomes?

We guarantee our effort and drive. But no, we never guarantee outcomes. Why? Content marketing and social media marketing mean dealing with algorithms more complex than Maxwell’s equation. Pretty well, all channels and platforms use complex algorithms to rank and index content. That’s why we’ll never make guarantees across any channel, platform, or marketplace. 

How does Christina Ink determine pricing and rates?

Rates are determined based on research and the scope of the project. Many of our rates have dedicated pricing as you will see on our website. 

How does Christina Ink accept payment?

Payments are accepted via PayPal, Stripe, or Wire Transfer. ALL services MUST be purchased on the Christina Ink website or via a dedicated email quote. For orders over $2500, we accept retainers with a non-refundable 50% deposit upon contract signing. Following payment, you’ll receive the contract, project brief, and in some cases a launch call to discuss any lingering project questions. 

Is the Christina Ink team comprised of native English speakers and writers?

Yes, we’re native English speakers and writers from across the globe.

Does Christina Ink guarantee social media marketing ROI?

No, never. Social media marketing is only one piece of your overall marketing plan. That’s why we can’t guarantee ROI.

Does Christina Ink outsource services?

No, never. We employ a growing team that is backed in expertise and experience. We thoroughly interview and train all team members in-house.

Is a project brief mandatory for every project?

Yes, absolutely! How can we create the best content and best social media on your behalf if we don’t clearly understand your vision?! Be prepared to meet on a one-on-one discovery call, and fill out a detailed project brief.

Does Christina Ink have a portfolio of work you can review aside form what's available on the website?

Yes, absolutely! We have an extensive portfolio of content and social media makreting examples of past work. Just ask to view our portfolio, and we’ll send a link to your e-mail address.

Are revisions included in your order?

Yes, absolutely! We offer 2 FREE revisions on all orders, excluding social media marketing. Friendly reminder that revisions are never full re-writes.

How long does Christina Ink keep final files?

Approximately 1 – 3 months. Clients are responsible for downloading final copies of deliveries. 

Where is Christina Ink located?

We serve the Amazon FBA online community, but we are based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

What are the delivery times for projects estimated at?

Delivery times vary based on the project. Amazon listing optimization generally requires 7 – 10 business days.

What does Ink stand for in Christina Ink?

Finally, someone asked! Ink is a play on words from INC. Christina’s friend Terry helped her pick out the name. Thanks, Terry!