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Earth & Elle Amazon Listing Optimization

Earth & Elle

3X Sales with Comprehensive Amazon Listing Optimization and Transformational Keyword Strategy

Earth & Elle is a defining women’s supplement brand on Amazon looking to enhance its copywriting and keyword strategy to boost sales and customer loyalty. Amazon listing optimization to the rescue.


Conversion Increase






Earth & Elle is an American-based women’s supplement brand catering to women looking to prioritize self-care. The owner, Paige, approached Christina, looking to boost sales, create consistent brand messaging, and build customer retention by optimizing the Amazon product listing. Paige previously worked with an Amazon listing optimization agency; however, the result was subpar copy and dwindling sales.

The Challenge

The supplements category is one of the toughest categories on Amazon.  Without the best keywords and images, and without the most compelling copy, it is incredibly challenging to rank organically. The copywriting in the original Earth & Elle listing was confusing and lacked clarity in product features and benefits. The Amazon title did not follow Amazon Terms of Service, and there were little to no effective keywords in any key placements throughout the front and back end of the listing.

Ready to boost sales and attract Amazon customers, Earth & Elle employed Christina Ink to create a comprehensive approach to Amazon listing optimization and keyword strategy. The quest to improve sales and grow a recognizable brand was on!

Confusing, unclear, copywriting focusing on bland product features instead of compelling product benefits

Lack of keyword strategy throughout key placements including the SEO-title, backend search terms, 5 bullet points, and HTML description

Inconsistent and monotonous brand story in the Amazon Images, and Amazon A+ Content

Christina’s Approach

Strategic SEO Strategy

Armed with experience selling on the world’s largest online marketplace, and expertise in extensive keyword training, Christina utilized a combination approach leveraging two of the most important ranking factors on Amazon: Relevance and Search Volume.

The result of comprehensive keyword research was a substantial keyword list containing over 120 relevant and highly-searched keywords. Christina increased product discoverability in both Amazon and Google search results by strategically placing vital search terms in the backend listing. High-performing keywords were added to the SEO title in order of importance and placed in the captivating product description.

Irresistible Final Offer

Next, Christina transformed the copywriting in the bullet points and Amazon product description by leaning on old-school copywriting formulas and benefit-focused content that combined to create an irresistible final offer. By combining vital brand copy like the unique selling proposition and tagline, customers would soon recognize Earth & Elle on and off of Amazon.

Visual Recommendations

The Amazon A+ Copywriting Layout provided Earth & Elle with a 5-module layout, including infographic copywriting suggestions, caption suggestions, and on-brand graphic design suggestions. The layout assisted the graphic design team in creating the final eye-catching results. 


An Amazon listing that converts! By optimizing the keyword strategy, copywriting, and Amazon A+ Content, Christina single-handedly increased Earth & Elle conversions by 3%. Search volume climbed by a staggering 20%, and sales increased by 5%. The proof is in the strategy!

Earth & Elle

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