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Are you frustrated with your content marketing plan? Is your content falling short to hit the right audience at exactly the right time? Are you unsure of where to post or when? Stop the slap-stick approach to content marketing in it’s tracks with Christina Ink content solutions. I help you clearly define your audience, brand messaging, and core offer to create compelling content that helps you build authority and trust in your newfound community. Content doesn’t need to be confusing. Christina Ink helps you find content clarity.


Clearly define your audience


Establish your goals and KPIs


Create content that resonates

Foundational Brand Messaging


Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

USD 550

To attract the right audience you need to convey the right message.

Without clear foundational messaging your customers are left confused and uncertain of your brand voice.

We’ll craft your unique selling proposition, mission statement, core services, and transformational benefit statements.

We begin our foundational messaging service with a detailed Discovery Call and project brief to ensure the best results possible.

Foundational Messaging Includes:

USP statement

About us or Company Bio

Mission or Vission Statment

3 Product Descriptions with Benefits

Choose this service if you’re current messaging is nonexistent, or confusing for your audience.

UGC by Design


3 Image UGC

UGC by Design

USD 250
Do you need help sourcing and creating content for your growing e-commerce business?
Purchase my user-generated content package for use on your website, social channels., blog, and Amazon FBA lisitng.
You’ll have less to think about with your content strategy and execution, as I provide the high-quality content your brand needs to help sell your products and services.
Why trust us?
We have a trusted presence in the Amazon community and have worked with hundreds of Amazon sellers and many top agencies. We’ll sign an NDA, but trust that our reputation relies on high-quality content and privacy in the Amazon community.
Do you own the rights to the content?
Yes. A contract is required. You’re responsible for agreeing to the terms.

Content Strategy


Complete Content Strategy



Confusing content marketing means loss of conversion and clients. Before you jump to create your content footprint, you need an iron-clad content strategy to help your business gain the recognition it deserves.

Complete Content Strategy Includes 

Comprehensive discovery call

Brand positioning (USP + Mission statement)

Content Goals

Competitor Analysis

Audience Personas

Content Pillars & Initial Blog Topics

Content Calendar

Choose this service if you’re confused or exhausted with trying your hand at content marketing.