Tailored To You Content Marketing

and Social Media Management Services

Is your booming business struggling to publish consistent quality content? We know what it’s like to juggle the many twists and turns creating credible, evergreen content online. The Christina Ink team handles your content and social media marketing efforts behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.

Social Media Management

Hassle-Free Social Media Marketing

We navigate your social media marketing blueprint with a step-by-step strategy so you can focus on the more important areas of your e-commerce business.

Unlike our competitors, we know that good social media content is rooted in strategy. That’s why Christina Ink leverages a strategy-first approach to help you build community, inspire loyalty, increase customer retention, and nurture ambassador influencer relationships. Without a solid strategy,  these transformational social outcomes cannot be achieved.

You can expect stunning graphics, compelling captions, and effective hashtag research, all in a done-for-you approach. We’ll optimize your social media bio for best SEO practices, fully manage your accounts, and focus on total organic growth. Choose from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok and start building a loyal social community today.

e-commerce copywriting amazon fba copywriting

Direct Response Copywriting

You have less than 3 seconds to make a lasting first impression on online shoppers. If you can’t articulate who you are and how you help people across your website, landing page, social media channels, or Amazon FBA listing you risk losing customers, credibility, and conversion. 

We’ll transform your foundational messaging, craft high-converting website copy and sales pages, and we’ll increase your email marketing leads. How? With proven copywriting that tugs on the psychological triggers that make humans act.

SEO blog articles

Comprehensive and Creative Blog Articles

We’ve ghostwritten for dozens of influencers, agencies, and small startups looking to establish authority and influence in their niche. 

90% of our effort is founded in research. We’ll help you develop the best blog topics, the most insightful long-form posts, and craft the most captivating evergreen articles that speak directly to your ideal audience.

We’ve written for some of the most transformational names in the e-commerce landscape including SmartScout, Helium10, YLT Translations, Sellozo, the Skunk Labs, Margin Business, and Stillio among countless other highly recognized and trusted names. Ask our hundreds of clients how much they’ve come to love and trust the Christina Ink name.

content strategy and content marketing

Content Marketing and User Generated Content

Is your content falling short on hitting the right audience at exactly the right time? Are you unsure of where to post or when? Stop content confusion in its tracks with Christina Ink’s content marketing solutions.

We’ll help you clearly define your audience, foundational messaging, and core offer to create compelling content that helps you build authority and trust online.

As former Amazon private label sellers ourselves, we know the challenges of finding the best content to help promote your business online. We also know how insanely expensive effective content can be. That’s why we leverage our experience to help craft stunning and affordable user-generated content that will resonate with your audience across the digital landscape. Content doesn’t need to be confusing. Christina Ink helps you find content clarity.